Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is my tot chasing away?

It's 11pm and all men of the house are fast asleep with the exception of one little Pokemon named J (my 20-mos old toddler). What is he up to tonight? Making some new discovery under the couch, TV table or beds? Or like other instances, befriended a new soft toy and narrating his Elmo story to it (in a strange language called Tod-Lang, which only he himself can decode, alas)? Or it's going to be one of those long sleepless nights, and he wants to immerse his little brain into board books? Nope! None of these reasons. There's much more interesting and intriguing to it. Here it goes........
I lay in bed letting him play around for a while so that whenever his brain and muscles are fatigued, he can hop on his bed and fall in sweet slumber on his own. As I watch him quietly from beneath my sheet (careful not to distract him), I notice that he is being disturbed by something as I could read the annoyed expression on his innocent face. What is it, I keep guessing. Just then, he shakes off something from his little feet, one after another (as if trying to get rid of it) but seems like it keeps sticking back to him. My smart Pokemon starts walking backwards, slow at first, then gaining pace and running for the closet. No solution in sight! Well, he has another plan. Circling around and around  till his bones are tired, he stands close to the wall when his expression takes a calmer look. His gaze moves upwards to the wall and my curious george is reaching out his hand to touch (or maybe catch something) it. At this point, I break into giggles and suppressed laughter when the sticky thing is revealed to me......MY TODDLER IS CHASING AWAY HIS SHADOW! Although my confusion is cleared, my little J is still coming to terms with this new friend who will be following him everywhere from now on. But at last, he got rid of it the moment he stepped in dark and that was when his ordeal came to a happy ending, letting him sleep. As for me, I got a thing to share and laugh the next day. My silly goose J!


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