Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kids big on age gap?
While some parents have children spaced out due to medical reasons, others do it out of choice. Whatever the reasons, all parents have their share of experiences in raising siblings with different age gaps. I would like to share my ongoing experiences in bringing up two boys with 7- years age gap and I'm enjoying every moment of it.
What's happening now:

  1. They don't fight, not in the least! Since they don't have anything to compete and grapple for (owing to the age gap), they seem to enjoy each other. My older son(G, 8yrs) is like a robot programmed to enact various roles for the little brother(J,20 mos), be it barney or BJ (our favorites)or Cookie Monster (as seen on sesame street) although at times I enjoy playing Baby Bop.
  2. G pairs up with me in web crawling and enthusiastically learns about his brother's developmental milestones; as a result, understanding his growing needs and changes in his behavior.This helps him coping up well with J's tantrums and acting up.
  3. Mommy's best aide: At times of diaper disaster or emergencies, G is a big help as he runs around for getting me the stuff as well as singing songs to his little buddy to soothe him during diaper rash or dermatitis episodes. Here is his favorite one: we have a smiley baby who loves to smile; he loves oatmeal and banana; we know he hates the itch , but this lotion will do the trick. wow! mommy has finished.
  4. Help at feeding: Every so often when called for help, G is great at it and mess free too; moreover, he has taken well all the teaching about correct way to hold the milk bottle while feeding (to avoid ear infections and dental caries) as also the right proportions to be scooped up in spoon to avoid choking. This really helps when I'm having my hands full.
  5. Language and speech development: With his vocabulary expanding, J tries to pick up words from G and jumble up sentences in a funny language of his own. Recently he started with words like no, yes, knock knock door, wow, thanks, take it, give, put down, feet up, put pants , put shirt, diaper change, water bath, blocks, sit down, hello, goodbye, and the like; also, he relates these spoken words with the respective meanings and actions.

Later on:
  1. Reusing: I always store G's outgrown stuff to be used later on by younger one, be it clothes, toys or books;moreover, it might help ease the weight on our pockets to some extent later on.
  2. I am hopeful G can assist J in riding bike, balancing on scooter and skates, skiing, and the like later on.
  3. Big brothers can be great help when filling out those lengthy application forms for various activities.
  4. At times, a big brother's presence on the school grounds can be a welcome relief from bullies .
  5. We'll not have empty nest syndrome at one go with J staying longer with us after G ventures out for new horizons.
  6. Last but not the least, who's going to give the dating tips to the teen sibling? A grown up brother, of course

Any parents sharing the same fun as me? Others having apprehensions with spaced out births? Join in and leave your comments and experiences.


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  1. Hey Jolly...i found this article of a great help in planning abt the age gap b/w the 2 kidos..though i am in the process of the first one yet but this question is always there at the back of my mind.i'll make my husband go thru it and hope he is of the same opinion too...liza