Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tip of the week:
Cool way to help small kids blow nose in winters: Instead of blowing with mouth, ask them to blow a candle with nose.

2 Cool discipline tricks

Few months back, I happened to stumble upon these cool discipline methods to be used with toddlers and small children. As I was not ready yet to apply these to my baby who was only couple of months old then; however, its about time now that he'll soon be turning two. Moreover because he is a little monkey who just loves to reach for things by running and hopping, he is just the right kind to be exposed to these tricks. Maybe some of you are already aware of these but I just wanted to share these with all parents out there.
  1. FREEZE TRICK: Toddlers can be quite unpredictable when it comes to standing or sitting still at one place for long. They can swerve roads and break free from an otherwise careful parent and try their exploring hands at expensive exhibits in shopping malls that can, at times, be a costly affair to parents. One cool word, FREEZE! Try making up a game with this word at home (discipline begins at home) when all are required to stand still at the word.Once outside home, this technique can be reinforced as a form of play that each one of you like . For instance, if your curious george is running after a piece of expensive antique at a friend's place or a mall, just utter' FREEZE' and gently take away the thing from him. I'm definitely going to try it on my two year old as he can imitate and understand our commands now.
  2. WALK LIKE GRANDPA: Imagine your darling walking around a store with you and flapping his hands like a butterfly all over(as kids love to walk);meanwhile, your heart sets racing as you watch a piece of bone china flower vase wobbling with a brush of his little hand , ready to fall! There's a way to avoid it: partner with your child at practicing walking like grandpa or an old man at home with both hands folded at the back and walking at a slow pace. Observe the same trick outside home.
Anyone having more cool tricks to share? Leave your cool comments for me and others to share and know more.

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