Friday, March 13, 2009

HELP! My toddler is fiddling with kitchen cupboards.

This is a common complaint by concerned mommies(one of them being my dear sister) and it forms a perfect recipe for kitchen accidents too, in many cases. Although market is full of great and useful accessories for a child proof home, sometimes we need to use tricks and commonsense in tackling this matter.

When my little baby grew out of babyhood to explore his little world called Home all on his own, it sounded alarm bells in my mind. What should I start with first? What could possibly be the most vulnerable area for him? Anyways, I started shopping for kid safe cupboard locks, door stoppers, kitchen locks and the like. But to my disappointment, I concluded that I can't be child proofing all the kitchen cabinets as they were not designed keeping a child in mind. Now what? After much brain shaking, I had an idea and hoped it worked well. Because my tot wants to accompany me to the kitchen most of the time, I designated this one particular shelf for some of his favorite toys, small bowls from kitchen (which he make- believes as blocks), and two small size board books. Occasionally, he is told' this is for Jasper' as I point to his area, as also 'Not for Jasper' when he tries to sneak into another forbidden one. Also one of his soft squeaky toy stands hanging from this particular shelf door so as to ease him in locating his area. So far it's working. So far so good!


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